Frozen sugarcane

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Frozen sugarcane

  • Size: 25 – 50 cm
  • Have vacuumed or not
  • PA or PE packages and 10 kg/unit
  • Carton with 5 layers
  • Block frozen at -18 degrees C or cooled at 5 degrees C

Truc Lam Phat Trading & Service Co., Ltd provides frozen sugarcane for export in large quantity. Sugarcane is selected and produced in a closed line, ensuring food safety and hygiene.

The production process of frozen sugarcane

Quality fresh sugarcane – Peel – Wash – Drain – Cut into pieces – Packing – Freezing (-18 degrees C)

Selected fresh sugarcane

Sugarcane is grown and cared to ensure no pesticide residue. In addition, sugarcane is selected from 16 sugarcane with high sweetness.


Sugarcane is shaved off the silk outside before washing

Washing the cane

The cane is washed in a tub with a spray nozzle under

Cutting into pieces

Sugarcane is cut into requested format from customers. The length is from 25-50cm


Packing of PA or PE bags ensures export quality


Packing sugarcane

Freezing sugarcane

Block sugarcane is frozen at -18 degrees C


Frozen sugarcane


Technology of frozen sugarcane production of Truc Lam Phat company

Technology of dried sugarcane juice production of Truc Lam Phat



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