Dried sugarcane juice

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Dried sugarcane juice 100gram, 500gram or packed with customer’s request

Sugarcane juice has been considered a refreshing drink on hot summer days. Not only effective refreshment, sugarcane juice also brings good value for health. However, sugarcane juice is always not hygienic through the pressing process and convenient for places where sugarcane cannot be grown. Therefore, dried sugarcane juice is a suitable product that meets both hygiene and convenience criteria.

1. Process of dried sugarcane juice production


Process of dried sugarcane juice production

See the process of producing dried sugarcane juice here

Sugarcane is carefully selected from ROC 16 sugarcane with high sweetness to ensure that the product after drying has enough sensory sweetness. Sugarcane is removed from stem borers and stem spots to ensure the quality of sugarcane juice.

After going through the necessary stages, the mixture is put into the freeze dryer system to ensure that the full flavor and color are retained. After that, sugarcane powder after drying is packed in small packages with moisture-proof layer inside to help prevent sugarcane powder from clumping during storage.

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