Recipe of delicious and simple sugarcane juice mixture at home

Sugarcane juice which is nutritious, good for health and cool for the body. In this article, Truc Lam Phat will share the recipe of delicious and simple sugarcane juice mixture at home. In the nutritional composition of sugarcane juice, there is no fat, cholesterol, fiber and protein. However, sugarcane juice contains many minerals such as […]


How to make delicious and simple grilled shrimp paste at home

Grilled shrimp paste wrapped sugarcane is a delicious and attractive dish that is very popular in the South of Vietnam. The product has been processed on an industrial scale and widely sold in supermarkets. This article will show how to make simple grilled shrimp past at home. A recipe of making grilled shrimp paste  Ingredients […]


How to preserve fresh banana leaves for a long time

Fresh banana leaves are a very popular item in today’s life, especially on Tet holidays. Due to the increasing demand for fresh banana leaves, farms not only supply bananas but also banana leaves are sold at very high prices. However, do you know how to properly preserve banana leaves? This article will show you how […]


The production process of frozen banana leaves for exporting in Viet Nam

Banana leaves are an item that has many uses in daily life. This is also a product that is in great demand today. However, there are many people knows how to produce frozen banana leaves products for exporting in Viet Nam , are they hygienic or not? In this article, we will present the production […]


Processing technology of frozen prawn sugarcane

Frozen prawn sugarcane is a new product developed by Truc Lam Phat Service Trading Co., Ltd. Although sugarcane prawn products are widely produced and traded today, such as the famous Cau Tre sugarcane prawn in Vietnam. But cane material used to wrap shrimp paste has received little attention and organized production activities. In this article, […]


The production process of frozen sugarcane juice for export

Sugarcane juice for export is increasingly being researched and ordered by foreign partners to serve the preparation. The following article will guide the production process of frozen sugarcane juice of Truc Lam Phat Trading Service Co., Ltd. The production process of frozen sugarcane juice for export Fresh sugarcane Sugarcane ROC 16 was selected to put […]


Technology of dried sugarcane juice production of Truc Lam Phat

Sugarcane juice is a kind of good beverage on hot summer days. Not only effective refreshment, sugarcane juice also brings good value for health. However, sugarcane juice is not always hygienic through the pressing process and convenient for places where sugarcane can not be grown. Therefore, sugarcane powder is a suitable product that meets both […]


Technology of frozen sugarcane production of Truc Lam Phat company

Frozen sugarcane is increasingly popular in the market, especially in the US, Russia, etc. Product quality is also increasingly stricter. Therefore, frozen sugarcane production techniques must be thoroughly researched and applied to ensure product quality. 1. PRODUCTION PROCESS OF FROZEN SUGARCANE Fresh sugarcane Fresh sugarcane of our company uses to produce frozen sugarcane is the […]