Where to buy frozen prawn sugarcane for export in Vietnam

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Prawn paste is a very popular product nowadays, especially at Chinese restaurants. An indispensable ingredient to add flavor to the prawn paste is sugarcane. Do you know where to buy frozen prawn sugarcane for export in Vietnam? The following article will introduce to you

Prawn sugarcane  is a product that is produced quite elaborately with many stages. In particular, the quality of raw sugarcane plays an important role, affecting the taste of the product.

So how is the standard of frozen prawn sugarcane for export and where to buy frozen prawn sugarcane for export in Vietnam?

Standards of frozen prawn sugarcane for export

ROC 16 sugarcane has been selected to produce frozen prawn sugarcane for export. Because ROC 16 sugarcane has high sweetness, mild and harmonious taste. When combining with prawn paste, it will help diners feel salty and sweet, delicious and irresistible.


Delicious sugarcane wrapped shrimp paste

Standards of frozen prawn sugarcane, as follows:

  • Sugarcane is peeled and cut in diameter  ≤2cm, length 10-20cm depending on customer requirements
  • Packing 300gr, 500gr or 1kg depending on request
  • Freezing: -18 degrees C
  • Expiry date: 12 months 

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Frozen prawn sugarcane from Vietnam

Read more the production process of frozen prawn sugarcane here

Where to buy frozen prawn sugarcane for export in Vietnam

Truc Lam Phat Trading Services Co., Ltd is one of the pioneers in the production of prawn sugarcane for export. This is a reputable address for you to buy frozen prawn sugarcane for export in Vietnam.

Why should you choose Truc Lam Phat?

Truc Lam Phat Company has invested in a specialized raw sugarcane area in Cu Lao Dung district, Soc Trang. This helps to ensure a stable supply of sugarcane for the factory all year. Moreover, the quality of raw sugar cane is strictly controlled, making the output quality stable.


Harvest sugarcane at Truc Lam Phat farm

Truc Lam Phat is gradually improving the production process in order to bring the best quality products to customers. At the same time, Truc Lam Phat Trading and Service Co., Ltd also has full certificates of sugarcane quality, such as: food safety and hygiene certificate, FDA certificate, … This is an important basis for the successful export of this product.


Food hygiene and safety license

Truc Lam Phat’s prawn sugarcane products have also been exported to a number of countries, such as the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. That is evidence to create confidence for customers to choose Truc Lam Phat as the address to buy frozen prawn sugarcane for export in Vietnam


Truc Lam Phat is a reputable addtess to buy frozen prawn sugarcane for export in Vietnam

Contact information


Hotline / WhatsApp / Zalo: +84 937 466 478

Email: info@truclamphatagri.com

Website: truclamphatagri.com

Source: Truc Lam Phat

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