Where to buy frozen banana leaves with the good quality for exporting


Where to buy frozen banana leaves for export you know in Vietnam? You need to find a manufacturer of frozen banana leaves with good quality and good price but have not found it yet. Truc Lam Phat Service Trading Co., Ltd is a unit that can answer your questions.

Banana leaves are a product that has many different uses such as reducing fever, anti-inflammatory, enhancing anti-aging ability, displaying dishes, wrapping food, etc.

Today, the demand for banana leaves in the interior and the export is increasing, especially during the Tet holidays. However, the competition in this field is quite large because there are many units involved in this product business. But demands are still higher than supplies, so there are always many customers looking to buy this item.

Uses of banana leaves

Banana leaves have many uses, as follows

Cure sore throat

You can decoct banana leaves to drink instead of mineral water every day, helping to reduce the amount of bacteria that cause sore throat effectively.

Effective fever reduction

With their high antioxidant content, they also help to reduce inflammation and reduce fever effectively. Drinking water decoction 3 times a day will help reduce fever very well

Banana leaves help heal wounds

According to folk experience, pounding and applying them to irritated wounds such as acne or small open wounds will help the wound heal faster and leave less scars.

Wrapping cake and food

Since ancient times, Asian people have known to use banana leaves to wrap cakes and sticky rice in daily life. That tradition is still maintained to this day; Although, now there are many other alternative materials, banana leaves are still very popular.

Thus where to buy frozen banana leaves with good quality and competitive price?

Where to buy frozen banana leaves with good quality for exporting?

Currently, there are quite a few units providing this item, both manufacturing and trading units. However, there are not many units that provide products that are both good quality and competitive in price. We, Truc Lam Phat company are an unit specializing in producing and supplying frozen banana leaves for exporting

Quality frozen banana leaves are selected from banana leaves at Dong Nai banana farm. Banana leaves go through careful production stages, ensuring hygienic products and food safety.

Read more the production process of frozen banana leaves here

Products are frozen according to the correct process and temperature, helping to keep the product fresh in the longest time after defrosting.


Exporting frozen banana leaves from Viet Nam

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