The molasses factory with the best quality and price in Viet Nam


You are in need of buying molasses for production or business but do not know where to buy? You need to find the molasses factory with good quality and competitive price in the South of Viet Nam but do not know which one to supply? When you read this article, it means you have found your answer.


Sugarcane molasses

The quality of Truc Lam Phat’s Sugarcane Molasses

Molasses is a by-product of sugarcane production. On average, every 100 tons of fresh sugarcane will produce 3-4 tons of finished molasses. Molasses has a high sweetness because of the high content of sucrose, glucose and fructose in the ingredients.

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Table of indicators to evaluate the quality of Truc Lam Phat’s molasses

Indicators Rate (%)
Density 1.35 – 1.40
Total sweetness 50 – 55
Brix 75 – 80
pH 4 – 5
Water 17 – 25
Sucrose 30-40
Glucose 4 – 9
Fructose 5 – 12
Other minerals (Fe, AI, P, K,…) ≤ 5

Which supplier supplies quality molasses?

Truc Lam Phat Trading & Service Co., Ltd is one of the units producing and supplying molasses in large quantities in the South of Viet Nam. With the criterion of quality on top, our company always wants to bring customers the best quality products and the most competitive prices.


The molasses factory in the South of Viet Nam

Buying pure sugar molasses at the following link:

Contact information of the molasses factory


Hotline/Zalo/WhatsApp: 0937 466 478



Source: Truclamphat

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