Frozen sugarcane supplier from Viet Nam


You need to buy frozen sugarcane but do not know which supplier provides quality products and good prices. You want to process frozen sugarcane under your own brand but have not found a satisfactory unit. When you read this article, it means that you have found frozen sugarcane suppliers for your company. Why is that?

Which frozen sugarcane supplier to buy with high quality in Vietnam?

Frozen sugarcane is an increasingly popular product, especially in the export sector. Partners from Russia, the US, Denmark, Sweden, etc. are currently looking for this product a lot. This is an opportunity for businesses working in the field of exporting agricultural products.

However, to compete with other frozen sugarcane supplier and get orders, your products must have the most competitive price and quality. So which frozen sugarcane supplier can help you satisfy those two requirements and become long-term partners together.

We, TRUC LAM PHAT TRADING SERVICE CO., LTD are confident to be a leading supplier of competitively priced frozen sugarcane products today. Our products are manufactured on a closed line, ensuring food hygiene and safety.

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Frozen sugarcane supplier from Viet Nam

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Our company’s frozen sugarcane products

Our company provides two kinds of frozen sugarcane, ensuring to provide customers with more choices.


Frozen sugarcanes are cut the size of 40-50cm


Soft frozen sugarcanes are cut the size of 40cm

Buying soft frozen sugarcane here

Purchasing contact


91/8/14 Xom Duong Street, Thang Loi 2 Town, Di An Ward, Di An City, Binh Duong, Viet Nam

Tax code: 3702881361

Hotline/Zalo/WhatsApp: +84937 466 478





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