Frozen banana leaves

Giá bán:

Frozen banana leaves are a sought-after product in European countries as well as the US and some Asian, countries where is not possible to grow this plant. Banana leaves with many uses in daily life such as baking, wrapping food,…

How to keep banana leaves fresh for a long time

To keep banana leaves fresh for a long time, without yellowing, the most important thing is to choose banana leaves from the beginning. Banana leaves must be fresh green, not yellowed and not stacked too thick to avoid being hot.

Fresh-banana-leaves-are-selected-carefully before producing frozen banana leaves

Fresh banana leaves are selected carefully before producing frozen banana leaves

After selecting good quality banana leaves, proceed to blanch in boiling water for 2-3 minutes before draining and cooling.

Then wrap banana leaves in PE or PA bags and put in the freezer. It is better to vacuum it to ensure that the leaves stay fresh longer after defrosting.


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