How to make delicious and simple grilled shrimp paste at home


Grilled shrimp paste wrapped sugarcane is a delicious and attractive dish that is very popular in the South of Vietnam. The product has been processed on an industrial scale and widely sold in supermarkets. This article will show how to make simple grilled shrimp past at home.

A recipe of making grilled shrimp paste 

Ingredients Quantities
Silver shrimp 400gr
Raw spring rolls 40gr
Pangasius fillet 40gr
Pork fat 40gr
Egg white 1 pcs
Purple onion 20gr
Truc Lam Phat frozen chopstick size sugarcane 2 bags, 300gr/bag
Sugar 2 spoons
Fish sauce 1 spoon
Chilli 1/2 spoon
Seasoning 1/2 spoon
Salt 1/2 spoon
Cooking oil 300ml

Preliminary processing of peeled young shrimp to make grilled shrimp paste

Crayfish are soaked and washed with white wine or vinegar to remove the slime and fishy smell. Then peel off the outer shell and black thread on the shrimp body. Rinse again with clean water and drain before marinating.


Young shrimp makes grilled shrimp paste wrapped sugarcane

After peelling and draining, marinate and leave for 10-15 minutes for shrimp to infuse spices.


Marinate peeled fresh shrimp with salt

Grind fresh shrimp

Grind fresh shrimp with raw spring roll and fat for 1-2 minutes. Then add the ground spices together to blend into the mixture.


Grind young shrimp with raw spring roll

Wrap grilled shrimp paste with Truc Lam Phat’s prawn sugarcane

Refer to the standard of frozen prawn sugarcane here


Frozen prawn sugarcane from Vietnam

Apply cooking oil to hands before wrapping grilled shrimp paste on frozen prawn sugarcane of Truc Lam Phat company. Being able to be wrapped on one end of sugarcane or wrapped in the middle part of sugarcane.


Delicious sugarcane wrapped shrimp paste

Then, sugarcane-wrapped grilled shrimp paste can be fried or steamed and dipped with spicy fish sauce to increase the flavor more attractive.

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Source: Truc Lam Phat

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