Exporting frozen banana leaves to The US market


The demand to buy banana leaves every year is always high, especially on Tet holidays. In particular, wherever there are Vietnamese and Chinese communities, the demand for banana leaves is very much. Therefore, exporting banana leaves is interested and traded by many units. Our company has successfully exported this item to serve the US market.

Banana leaves produced by Truc Lam Phat Service Trading Co., Ltd always ensure the best quality. Products are strictly controlled from raw materials to finished products.

Standards of export banana leaves of Truc Lam Phat

Quality indicators Product information
Raw banana leaves Banana leaves are not wilted, yellowed and there is no fungus on the surface
Banana leaf size Minimum length of banana leaf 50cm, minimum width 20cm depending on the wind season
Packaging size Products packed in 500gr or 1kg
Some other standards Products are vacuum sealed and frozen -18 degrees Celcius

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Exporting banana leaves to the US market

Our company has successfully exported frozen banana leaf products to the Texas market, USA. The product has met the growing needs of the Vietnamese here. Besides, our company’s products have also competed very well with banana leaf products imported from the Philippines.


Exporting frozen banana leaves To The US Market

Banana leaves are frozen to ensure quality for a long time. In addition, our company always focuses on controlling input materials. Raw materials are purchased at farms with good control over the time and type of used pesticides.


Frozen banana leaves for exporting

Where to buy banana leaves with good price and high quality

Currently, there are quite a few units providing this item, both manufacturing and trading units. However, there are not many units that provide products that are both good quality and competitive in price. We, Truc Lam Phat company are an unit specializing in producing and supplying frozen banana leaves for exporting

Quality frozen banana leaves are selected from banana leaves at Dong Nai banana farm. Banana leaves go through careful production stages, ensuring hygienic products and food safety.

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