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The market of the agricultural products for export market is growing and contributing greatly to the state budget’s GDP. Truc Lam Phat Trading & Service Co., Ltd was a sugarcane supplier and successfully exported frozen sugarcane to the Russian market, helping to open a new chapter for sugarcane materials.

A frozen sugarcane supplier for exporting

Agricultural products are a low value commodity if only sold in the domestic market, but the effort to make is too great. Therefore, Truc Lam Phat Trading & Service Co., Ltd has set out the motto “Enhancing Vietnamese agricultural products”, wishing to bring Vietnamese agricultural products to the world market.

Exporting frozen sugarcane to developed countries, bringing foreign currency to Vietnam is our main goal in 2021. Although the epidemic situation is still very complicated and trade routes are still limited. However, our company is one of the Vietnamese supplier and has also successfully exported frozen sugarcane orders to Russia, a potential market for Vietnamese agricultural products.


Truc Lam Phat is a big Vietnamese supplier and exports frozen sugarcane to the Russian market


Frozen sugarcane

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Standards of frozen sugarcane from the supplier

Sugarcane is grown and cared for in accordance with the process, checked and certified by the local agricultural department.

Sugarcane, after being cleaned, will be cut into pieces 40-50cm long, 2cm in diameter or more. Washed through ozone aerated water before drying and frozen packed at -18 ° C

Products Standard Products
Frozen sugarcane
  • White sugarcane for squeezing juice, Brix 25
  • Sugarcane peeled, cut 40-50cm
  • Packed in cartons, PE bags
  • Freezing – 18 degrees C

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Truc Lam Phat Co., Ltd wholesales sugarcane for exporting

Supplier Information


Hotline: +84937 466 478

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