Processing technology of frozen prawn sugarcane


Frozen prawn sugarcane is a new product developed by Truc Lam Phat Service Trading Co., Ltd. Although sugarcane prawn products are widely produced and traded today, such as the famous Cau Tre sugarcane prawn in Vietnam.

But cane material used to wrap shrimp paste has received little attention and organized production activities. In this article, our company will introduce to our partners about processing technology of frozen prawn sugarcane.

1. Quality of sugarcane materials

Our company always ensures the purchase of sugarcane materials that are 10 months old or older, with Brix quality, without residues of plant pesticides. Raw materials are cultivated in the specialized sugarcane growing area in Cu Lao Dung district, Soc Trang and Phung Hiep district, Hau Giang, Viet Nam

Full-term sugarcane will ensure an average height of 2-2.5m, a minimum diameter of 2cm and a weight of 1.3-1.5kg/cane.


Sugarcane farm

The process of harvesting sugarcane and transporting it to the factory quickly in 36 hours to ensure the quality of sugarcane after cutting. Sugarcane is guaranteed not to be crushed during transportation, to ensure the quality of sugarcane juice after pressing.

2. Production process of frozen prawn sugarcane


Processing technology of frozen prawn sugarcane paste

See more information here: The production process of frozen prawn sugarcane of Tan Gia Thanh Co (

Peeling to make frozen sugarcane for shrimp paste

Sugarcane is put through a cane peeling machine to ensure that the entire outer shell is removed, the cane after peeling has a minimum diameter of 1.8cm.

Washing sugarcane

Sugarcane is quickly washed in the ozone system to disinfect, but must ensure that the sugarcane does not absorb much water to affect the quality of the finished cane.

Reference standards of product here


The sugarcane after washing is forced to dry through the blowing air system, ensuring that the sugarcane is completely dry before packing.


Drying shrimp paste sugarcane before packing


Sugarcane is packed into small bags of net weight 300gr and vacuum sealed to ensure hygienic and food safe products.


Frozen chopstick size sugarcane from Viet Nam

The product is then frozen at -21 degrees Celsius before exporting

See more at the following link:

3. Contact to buy


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Source: Truc Lam Phat

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