Frozen soft sugarcane

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The standards of frozen soft sugarcane:

  • Sugarcanes are shaved off eyes and cut into 30cm
  • Packed 1kg per bag and 10kgs per carton
  • frozen at -21 degrees celcius

Truc Lam Phat Trading Service Co., Ltd supplies frozen soft sugarcane for export in large quantity. Sugarcane products are selected and produced in a closed line, ensuring the quality of food safety and hygiene.

The production process of frozen soft sugarcane

Fresh soft cane – Cut to pieces – Shave eyes – Rinse – Drain – Packing – Vacuum – Freeze (-21 degrees Celcius)

Selected fresh soft sugarcane

soft sugarcane is grown and cared to ensure no pesticide residue, soft, delicious and high sweetness


Sugarcane is cut 30cm / tree

Shave your eyes

Soft cane is shaved off the eyes to ensure aesthetics and remove the fungus in the eyes of the cane


The sugarcane is washed in an ozone system to ensure the removal of bacteria on the surface


After being washed, cane will be put into the drying system at a temperature of 50 degrees C to drain


Sugarcane is packed in PA bags and vacuumed to ensure hygiene

Frozen soft sugarcane

Sugarcane is frozen at -21 degrees Celsius


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