Recipe of delicious and simple sugarcane juice mixture at home

Sugarcane juice which is nutritious, good for health and cool for the body. In this article, Truc Lam Phat will share the recipe of delicious and simple sugarcane juice mixture at home. In the nutritional composition of sugarcane juice, there is no fat, cholesterol, fiber and protein. However, sugarcane juice contains many minerals such as […]


Frozen sugarcane exported to the Indian market

India is one of the most populous countries in the world, with a hot and humid climate. Therefore, the potential of using sugarcane juice in this market is extremely large. Truc Lam Phat has supplied frozen sugarcane for export to the Indian market. India is a country located near the equator and the climate is […]


Sugarcane supplier to the Russian market – Good quality – Good price

The market of the agricultural products for export market is growing and contributing greatly to the state budget’s GDP. Truc Lam Phat Trading & Service Co., Ltd was a sugarcane supplier and successfully exported frozen sugarcane to the Russian market, helping to open a new chapter for sugarcane materials. A frozen sugarcane supplier for exporting […]


Technology of dried sugarcane juice production of Truc Lam Phat

Sugarcane juice is a kind of good beverage on hot summer days. Not only effective refreshment, sugarcane juice also brings good value for health. However, sugarcane juice is not always hygienic through the pressing process and convenient for places where sugarcane can not be grown. Therefore, sugarcane powder is a suitable product that meets both […]


Technology of frozen sugarcane production of Truc Lam Phat company

Frozen sugarcane is increasingly popular in the market, especially in the US, Russia, etc. Product quality is also increasingly stricter. Therefore, frozen sugarcane production techniques must be thoroughly researched and applied to ensure product quality. 1. PRODUCTION PROCESS OF FROZEN SUGARCANE Fresh sugarcane Fresh sugarcane of our company uses to produce frozen sugarcane is the […]


Vietnamese sugarcane exports to the Danish market

Sugarcanes are grown in a large area in Vietnam, not only as a beverage on a hot summer day but also as a source of raw materials for the production of refined sugar, molasses, … Truc Lam Phat Trading Service Co., Ltd has exported Vietnamese sugarcane to the Danish market, a difficult market in Northern […]