The production process of frozen banana leaves for exporting in Viet Nam


Banana leaves are an item that has many uses in daily life. This is also a product that is in great demand today. However, there are many people knows how to produce frozen banana leaves products for exporting in Viet Nam , are they hygienic or not? In this article, we will present the production process of frozen banana leaves for exporting of Truc Lam Phat Company.

What is banana leaf?

Banana leaf is a part of banana plant, a tropical plant with high economic value. During the growth cycle, each banana plant can harvest 40 large banana leaves.


Banana leaves farm of Truc Lam Phat company

They are not only used in cooking, wrapping and processing some traditional dishes of Asian people. They are but also used as decorative as well as effective healing.

How to use banana leaves

Banana leaves have many uses that there are many people know, here are some of its uses

Cure sore throat

You can decoct banana leaves to drink instead of mineral water every day, helping to reduce the amount of bacteria that cause sore throat effectively.

Effective fever reduction

With their high antioxidant content, they also help to reduce inflammation and reduce fever effectively. Drinking water decoction 3 times a day will help reduce fever very well

Banana leaves help heal wounds

According to folk experience, pounding and applying them to irritated wounds such as acne or small open wounds will help the wound heal faster and leave less scars.

Wrapping cake and food

Since ancient times, Asian people have known to use banana leaves to wrap cakes and sticky rice in daily life. That tradition is still maintained to this day; Although, now there are many other alternative materials, banana leaves are still very popular.

Production process of frozen banana leaves for exporting

Production-process-of- frozen-banana-leaves-for-exporting

Production process of frozen banana leaves for exporting


Banana leaves after being harvested are put through an ozone soak system to disinfect and reduce the leaf temperature. Prevent wilting and yellowing leaves from storing and waiting to be put into production.


Soaking banana leaves in ozone system


After being removed from the soaking tub, it will be forced to drain by a large-capacity industrial fan system.

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Cleaning surface leaf

Use a clean cloth to wipe the surface of the leaves to ensure the removal of white powder as well as remaining strange objects


Leaves are folded in a cube shape before being placed in PA bags, size 0.5kg or 1kg for each


Exporting frozen banana leaves from Viet Nam

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The product is then vacuumed and frozen at -18 degrees Celsius to ensure long-term preservation.


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