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Where to buy frozen prawn sugarcane for export in Vietnam

Prawn paste is a very popular product nowadays, especially at Chinese restaurants. An indispensable ingredient to add flavor to the prawn paste is sugarcane. Do you know where to buy frozen prawn sugarcane for export in Vietnam? The following article will introduce to you Prawn sugarcane  is a product that is produced quite elaborately with […]


How to make delicious and simple grilled shrimp paste at home

Grilled shrimp paste wrapped sugarcane is a delicious and attractive dish that is very popular in the South of Vietnam. The product has been processed on an industrial scale and widely sold in supermarkets. This article will show how to make simple grilled shrimp past at home. A recipe of making grilled shrimp paste  Ingredients […]

Export frozen prawn sugarcane to the Singapore market

Frozen prawn sugarcane is a new product in the export market, our company is proud to be one of the first producers to export this item. The demand for export frozen prawn sugarcane is increasing, the market potential is still very much to be exploited. Sugarcane prawn is a popular product and sells well in […]


Processing technology of frozen prawn sugarcane

Frozen prawn sugarcane is a new product developed by Truc Lam Phat Service Trading Co., Ltd. Although sugarcane prawn products are widely produced and traded today, such as the famous Cau Tre sugarcane prawn in Vietnam. But cane material used to wrap shrimp paste has received little attention and organized production activities. In this article, […]