Where to buy frozen banana leaves for export in the South of Vietnam

You need to buy frozen banana leaves for export in the South of Vietnam but do not know which supplier? You would like to buy quality and competitively priced frozen banana leaves? Find out through the article below Frozen banana leaves are a very popular product nowadays among the overseas Vietnamese community. Banana is a […]


Banana leaf export – potential business field of Truc Lam Phat

Banana leaf export is not a new business, but the market is extremely potential. Therefore, the export of banana leaves in the coming time is still very promising and the market is still very large for banana leaf manufacturers to exploit. Banana leaves have long been considered an indispensable ingredient in kitchens with many applications […]


How to preserve fresh banana leaves for a long time

Fresh banana leaves are a very popular item in today’s life, especially on Tet holidays. Due to the increasing demand for fresh banana leaves, farms not only supply bananas but also banana leaves are sold at very high prices. However, do you know how to properly preserve banana leaves? This article will show you how […]


Exporting frozen banana leaves to The US market

The demand to buy banana leaves every year is always high, especially on Tet holidays. In particular, wherever there are Vietnamese and Chinese communities, the demand for banana leaves is very much. Therefore, exporting banana leaves is interested and traded by many units. Our company has successfully exported this item to serve the US market. […]


Where to buy frozen banana leaves with the good quality for exporting

Where to buy frozen banana leaves for export you know in Vietnam? You need to find a manufacturer of frozen banana leaves with good quality and good price but have not found it yet. Truc Lam Phat Service Trading Co., Ltd is a unit that can answer your questions. Banana leaves are a product that has […]


The production process of frozen banana leaves for exporting in Viet Nam

Banana leaves are an item that has many uses in daily life. This is also a product that is in great demand today. However, there are many people knows how to produce frozen banana leaves products for exporting in Viet Nam , are they hygienic or not? In this article, we will present the production […]