A Complete Set Of Whitening Ways With Aloe Vera

Guide formulas to whiten skin from aloe vera, honey, turmeric and lemon

As combining aloe vera with some things, such as: turmeric, honey, lemon will make a face mask help whiten for face and body skin. The article will guide some formulas to combine aloe vera with them for a good mask.

I. The use of skin whitening with aloe vera

Aloe vera is famous for its excellent skin nourishing properties, which is considered as the “weapon” against aging and effectively destroying acne.

Aloe vera gel provides moisture, restore dry, wrinkled, and lifeless areas. Therefore, the skin is always maintained smooth and shiny.

Aloe vera is a very good beauty ingredient for the skin

                                        Aloe vera is a very good beauty ingredient for the skin

In addition, the high mineral ion content in aloe helps be antiseptic, cleanses the sebaceous substance and prevents the development of acne, especially pustules and blackheads.

And of course, we can not ignore the whitening care of aloe vera. Some studies have shown that the abundant levels of vitamins A and B2 are able to regenerate new skin cells, make skin brighter and smoother.

Besides, aloe vera is also effective against UV rays, preventing pigmentation, improving skin darkening caused by sunlight. Skin whitened by aloe vera is quite safe and rarely causes adverse effects.

II. Synthesis of the fastest ways to whiten skin with aloe vera

Each method of combining aloe vera with different ingredients will bring different whitening effects. So, the article will introduce you to the most reviewed aloe vera skin treatments recently.

How to whiten face from aloe vera and yogurt

With rich lactic acid content, yogurt has the ability to remove dead cells from the skin’s surface. Accordingly, the nutrients in aloe vera for whitening are easily absorbed, make the skin smooth and white.

How to whiten skin with a simple aloe vera at home

                        How to whiten skin with a simple aloe vera at home                 

Implementation Guide:

  • peel aloe vera and grind into gel form
  • Mix well with yogurt
  • Rub on face for 30 minutes
  • Use clean water to wash off the mask
  • Implementation: 2-3 times / 1 week

Aloe vera and fresh turmeric – a trick for the white skin

After acnes had left, Skin was easy to leave bruises if there was no effective treatment. A mask made of aloe vera and fresh turmeric will help prevent the formation of melanin and improve a bright white and pink skin from inside.

Aloe vera and turmeric will be a good mask for face skin

                    Aloe vera and turmeric will be a good mask for face skin

Aloe mask also has the ability to remove scars if used regularly

Simplified process:

  • Aloe vera is peeled and crushed
  • Fresh turmeric is crushed and squeezed for juice
  • Mix both together
  • Rub the mixture evenly to the skin, incubate the mask about 15-20 minutes
  • Then, rinse with water
  • Implementation: 1 time / week

 How to make a lotion from aloe vera and honey

Women with acne skin must be very familiar with simple treatment with honey at home. The antibacterial compounds will block the formation and development of acne.

In addition, the combination of aloe vera and honey is also considered a “miracle” for softening the skin quickly and safely.

Aloe vera and honey help whiten skin well

                            Aloe vera and honey help whiten skin well

It had better make a mask with honey and aloe vera about 1-2 times / week to quickly whiten skin


  • Use a knife to remove the peel and the aloe vera flesh and then crushing it
  • Mix well with honey and put in a small jar
  • Store in refrigerator and use at night

Besides, aloe vera also improves the softness and whiteness of the body skin.

Instructions on how to whiten skin with fresh aloe vera

Aloe vera leaves themselves contain a lot of vitamins and nutrients that provide adequate moisture and maintain youthful skin. So, applying it diligently will quickly get a smooth skin.

Aloe vera helps whiten skin effectively

                              Aloe vera helps whiten skin effectively

Cleaning the skin before applying the aloe vera mask will help absorb the best nutrients

Steps to be followed:

  • Remove the peel of aloe vera
  • Use the aloe vera flesh on body skin
  • Use hand to massage gently for 15 minutes
  • Clean the skin with clean water
  • Implementation: 1-2 weeks / time

Exfoliate and nourish the skin with aloe vera and lemon

Lemons with a high level of citric acid are able to clear pores, remove dead skin cells, and return a smooth appearance. Otherwise, the high moisture in the aloe vera helps the skin to always be more and more smooth

Lemon and aloe vera mixture helps skin be smooth

                          Lemon and aloe vera mixture helps skin be smooth

In addition, lemon and aloe vera also effectively whiten

Here’s how to do it:

Aloe vera removes the skin for the meat, squeezes the lemon juice
Mix aloe vera and lemon in a 2: 1 ratio
Apply to the skin to be cleaned combined with massage
Wash off with warm water
Skin care with aloe vera and green tea
The active ingredient EGCG in green tea works deeply on anti-aging skin cells, preventing sagging. The combination of green tea and aloe vera repels inflammation, helps firm, healthy skin.

 cách làm trắng da từ nha đam

The formula will tighten pores, fade dark spots


Peel off the aloe vera peel
Blend the aloe flesh with green tea leaves
Apply aloe vera and green tea to the area to be exfoliated
Massage for 15 minutes
Use clean water to remove residue
Body whitening tips with frozen aloe
To save time, women can use frozen aloe to perform body care. This way to whiten the skin with aloe vera is as effective as conventional methods.

 trắng da bằng nha đam

  • Use frozen aloe vera to clean your skinSimple tips are as follows:Aloe vera removes the thorns, peels off the skin
    Put the aloe in a blender with honey and some salt
    Pour the mixture into a tray, then freeze it in the freezer compartment
    When using, take each aloe vera capsule and apply directly to the skin
    Finally shower or rinse with water

III. Note when applying aloe vera skin whitening

Knowing the aloe vera skin whitening formulas is not enough, you need to have deeper knowledge to make skin care simple and effective.

First, carefully process aloe vera

Aloe vera in addition to good skin nutrients also contains a number of ingredients that can cause irritation if not properly prepared.

So, when nourishing with fresh aloe, you have to remove the shell and the white pus and soak for 10 -15 minutes with water to clean it completely.

 cách làm nha đam dưỡng da

Peeling the notebook and soaking it in water is essential for removing toxins

Second, full sun protection after applying the aloe vera mask

Sun protection is a must if you want to have bright white skin, free of spots of freckles and freckles.

Therefore, after using beauty aloe, you need to pay attention to protect your skin by applying a layer of sunscreen about 30 minutes before going out.

Third, do not apply aloe vera to areas with open wounds

According to scientists, the ingredient bradykinin in aloe is the cause of allergies and abrasion of the tissue in the open wound, making it difficult to heal.

You should not use aloe vera if your skin is scratched or prone to allergies when exposed to foreign substances.

Fourth, absolutely do not abuse white aloe vera

Aloe vera has the ability to restore and regenerate sun-damaged skin. However, a small amount of plastic in the aloe vera flesh can dehydrate the skin, become rough and re-sunburn.

Experts recommend, should only apply a mask with aloe vera skin up to 2 times / week to avoid adverse effects.

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