Planting techniques for aloe vera

Aloe vera is considered to be difficult to grow if planting and caring techniques are not known versedly. Because aloe vera, which is quite sensitive to weather conditions, is a succulent plant.



Processing of aloe vera planting


a. Grubbing

Process of the soil preparation must ensure sufficient porosity for it. It is necessary to plow thoroughly and treat lime if the soil has high alum. Note that when treating lime, it is necessary to dry the soil for 7-10 days before making the beds.


Plowing soil thoroughly before making the bed

b. First manuring

After making the soil, it is necessary to pour manure into the soil before making the beds. The fertilizer which is usually used is from cow dung. The manure should be composted and milled before fertilizing to ensure the fertilizer and soil are evenly mixed. Average fertilizing 4 tons / 1000m2 depending on the quality of soil that will be increased or decreased accordingly

c. Making the bed

In order to ensure growth of aloe vera plant and facilitate for the later harvest, it is necessary to put up the beds before sowing. The width of the bed depends on the needs, each bed is usually about 1-1.2 m apart and the distance of beds is 0.6-0.8 m


Making beds before sowing

d. Spreading canvas

To limit the growth of grasses and reduce costs for cutting them in the future, spreading canvas is so necessary.


Spreading canvas helps be against growing grasses

e. Setting water system

The sprinkler system will help reduce labor costs for care and irrigation later, while the investing cost for this system is not so high.

f. Planting kid trees

Aloe vera kid trees need spreading about 2-3 days for stable roots before being planted. The number of trees is from 7000-8000 trees / 1000m2 and depends on the soil of each locality to change accordingly.


Planting aloe vera kid trees

g. Caring aloe vera

The process of taking care of plants is extremely important, determining up to 80% of the survival rate of aloe vera. Watering about 7 days before stopping for aloe vera kid trees.

After 7 days from the date of sowing, watering every 2 days on average, depending on the local temperature to increase or decrease the amount of watering. In 7-10 days from sowing, during the development of the root, aloe vera leaf will change from red to green, just like a dead aloe vera.

h. Top dressing

Aloe vera are planted for 2-3 months. You can add more composted or NPK fertilizers with an average amount of 10kg / month / 1000m2.

i. Harvest

After planting 6 – 8 months, starting to collect first leaves before cutting the strong harvest next month. Cut 1 time per month and cut 2-3 leaves for a tree. After cutting, aloe vera should be fertilized and watered sufficiently to ensure that the plants recovers and nourishes the remaining leaves.


Aloe vera looks like a weak girl. Therefore, it is necessary to learn planting techniques before deciding to get rich from these plants.


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